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Meet artist Amy Reshefsky

Amy Reshefsky's career as a skilled and sought-after artist began on a whim. After she moved to a town outside of Montreal with her husband, who was frequently away on business, she often found herself alone in a new country where she didn't know many people but had an abundance of free time. For reasons she can't explain, Amy went out, bought a canvas, some acrylic paints and brushes, and brought them back to a room that was empty except for a few unpacked boxes. "I just started painting and I haven't stopped," she said. Since that day a decade ago, Amy' brush has touched hundred if not thousands of canvases, as well on pieces of reclaimed wood and glass. Much of her work can be found in homes of collectors throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can find her work also at konzeptARTS in Boca Raton, Florida. Trying to define Amy as one kind of an artist or another is as challenging as trying to define her style of artwork. Her work is diverse to say the least and about as eclectic as you'll find anywhere. "Some artists stick to a certain style because that's what they're comfortable with but I'm more comfortable being creative in all directions," she says. "I love to try different things and different techniques. I can attack anything and enjoy the challenge." One of her pieces, commissioned for a local temple, tells the story of Passover on a large piece of glass in a whimsical and almost playful manner. At the same time, most of the abstract paintings are reflective of Amy's mood in when she sits down to paint. While what she's feeling at the time drives the tone of her paintings, Amy says what the final piece of art will look like when she's done remains a mystery to her until it's complete. "I never know how it's going to turn out," she says. "Why I paint certain things, I often have no idea. Sometimes when its done I look at it and say? Did I do that?'" Always creative but not an artist who was always drawing or painting ever since she can remember, Amy has never taken an art class or studied art formally. Through she does have a fine arts degree, her training in fashion design has never actually been put into practice.

Reshefsky resides in Mont Tremblant QC, and Delray Beach Florida.

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